True Cost of Cleaning!

Do you know the true cost of cleaning in a commercial kitchen?

Ecowash has analysed hundreds of commercial kitchens across Sydney to identify the true cost of keeping kitchens clean. To our surprise, there were  a number of areas that cause commercial kitchens to incur significant additional operational costs.

The number one cause of increased operational costs is wash-ware equipment & chemicals not operating correctly. While the causes of these faults were varied, the net result was the same, additional time wasted by employees washing and rewashing plates, glasses and cutlery.  For the average venue these costs, eliminate thousands of dollars of a restaurants profit every year!

Often this cost goes unnoticed as kitchen hands may see rewashing as normal! For Ecowash clients this is not an issue ,as every month your account technician checks your equipment to ensure correct dosage and operation of your washing equipment and provides a written report for management outlining the machine performance (they even descale your machine for you!).

Not sure how your equipment is performing? The Ecowash service check is standard for all Ecowash clients, no additional cost! So if your not getting looked after, let us know. We will give your washware equipment the love it needs! (once a month)


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