Reduce Barflies

A simple method to reduce barflies

Keep your beer taps clean and safe with the Bracton beer tap plug!

Stop wasting time wrapping beer taps overnight, to keep bar flies, dust, and other contaminants out! These innovative plugs are inserted into the ends of your beer tap, and when removed, they help eliminate the build-up of contaminants and microorganisms that cause bad tasting beer and pose a health risk.


Using the Bracton Beer Tap Plug is easy! When you’re ready to close up, simply insert the plugs into your beer tap openings until they are completely covered. The next morning, twist the plug to remove it, and be sure to dispense some beer from each tap to dislodge particles and microorganisms. When not in use, soak the Clean Plugs in Bracton Keg Coupling no rinse formulation to ensure sanitary use every time!

Complimentary Product:

BRACTON REJUVENATOR – Remove bar flies & mould under the bar and in the cellar

Behind the bar can be the smelliest area in any hotel or club! These areas are commonly used as storage areas for beverage glasses and if left uncleaned are a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and bar flies increasing the risk of glass contamination leading to poor beverage presentation! By keeping this area clean & hygienic with Bracton Spray Away and following up with a simple spray and wipe of Bracton Rejuvenator, you remove the habitat which bar flies require to breed. One clean with Bracton Rejuvenator will last up to 30 Days! Removing the impracticalities of weekly cleaning under-bar areas to remove the mould and bacteria from the underside of the bar and beer pythons.

Bracton Rejuvenator kills pungent odours and lengthens the period between cleaning cycles.

Note: Rejuvenator is an oil and therefore should not be applied to floors or stairs where people walk. Rejuventator is not for use on beer fittings that come into direct contact with the beverage (glasses, beer taps etc..).


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