Odour Neutraliser

Odour Neutraliser & Surface Sanitiser

Vanilla Fresh is an odour neutraliser and surface sanitiser, originally developed to neutralise smoke, vomit / urine smells and to interrupt the breeding cycle of barflies. Vanilla Fresh has proven useful to a broader scope of
customers in areas where traditional deodorisers do not work!

Vanilla Fresh is the most effective odour remover from indoor areas such as toilet areas to remover urine smells, garbage areas, carpets, tiles, rubber mats, fridges, cars and many more.

How Vanilla Fresh works?

Vanilla Fresh leaves a light vanilla scent that temporarily masks the smell while the Surface Active Technology goes to work, killing odour producing bacteria. Once the vanilla scent dissipates the area will be odour neutralised. Vanilla Fresh has been scientifically proven to remove bacteria at the source; Vanilla Fresh will also prevent new bacteria growth, resulting in odour and bacteria free surfaces for longer!

Ideal for:

  • Hotels
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hire Car & Bus Companies
  • Kindergartens & Schools
  • Restaurants (including fridges)
  • Home
  • Where ever there is an odour problem

* Graph illustrates contact time in minutes required for 100% kill.


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