A dirty glass seriously impair beverage presentation, flavour, clarity and head of the beer. In particular, the thick creamy, last head on the beer that customers love can be spoiled by even the slightest residue of grease / food fats on the glass. It is imperative that an absolutely clean glass is used on every occasion. The easiest solution for perfect glasses is the regular and correct use of brewery approved Bracton glass care products.

Not all glass wash detergents are made equal. Make sure your glasswash is:

  • Brewery approved – The breweries want their beer to present well to your customers, Bracton gets a tick of approval from the top beer lovers!
  • Economical – At approximately 2.8¢ per rack to keep beverage glasses clean, you can afford to offer the cleanest glasses!
  • Free rinsing – Many detergents clean, though they often do not rinse off quickly, leaving a beer foam killing film. Bracton Glasswash rinses quickly and easily.
  • Non – Hazardous – OH & S is serious, Bracton Glasswash can help venues, by eliminating hazardous chemicals from front of house operations.

Available in two formulations, an economical concentrate (BLUE Label) or ready to use (GREEN Label) glasswashing machine ready.
The More Technical Explanation: Glasses when washed between drinks MUST use a glass wash detergent to remove ALL deposits left on the surface from the previous use this process should eliminate nucleation sites (The process of providing sites for new bubbles to form in a liquid that is saturated with gas). Brewery approved Bracton Glasswash is the preferred detergent as it has the ability to hygienically clean, lifting stains from the glass and also be the ONLY brewery approved non-hazardous glass washing detergent available. Bracton Glass Wash delivers cleaner glasses and polycarbonate eliminating many of the common OH & S issues for bar staff, by using a non-corrosive product.
No wonder Bracton Glasswash detergent would have to be Australia’s favourite everyday glasswash detergent.

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