Cellar PPE

Bracton Test Papersbracton-beerline-test-papersBTP001

A strip of test papers for convenient and simple method of testing when Beerline Cleaner is present. Turns blue in alkaline solutions. A must for safety. USAGE: After performing normal brewery cleaning process and flushing, test for alkalinity by taking a pink test paper and wetting it with beerline flush water from tap. If it changes to a bluish colour, then continue flushing with water, retest till paper stays pink. Pink colour on testing means it is safe to remove signs.

Code: BTP001 – Bracton Test Papers 200 Strip Pack

PPE SetMASKsafety-gloves-goggles

Personal Protective Equipment Kit
Meet your occupational health and safety requirements with a Bracton PPE set containing suitable PVC gloves and goggles for manual handling of any hazardous chemicals.
1 x Safety Goggles, 1 x safety Gloves, 1 x Safety Mask, 1 x Test papers (200), 1 set of Safety Signage



Bracton Gas Leak Testing Solutiongasleak

Gas Leak Testing Solution
Simple, efficient and accurate, Bracton Gas Leak Testing Solution is designed to make gas supply leak testing quick and easy. Simply spray and watch for bubbles to identify leaks. Specifically formulated to prevent bacteria, mould growth & corrosion. Ideal to be used inconjunction with the Australian Standards / Bracton AS 5034 Logbook.

Code: BGLT001 – Bracton Gas Leak Test Solution (4 x 500ml carton)
Code: BGLT002 – Bracton Gas Leak Testing Log Book

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