Bracton Glasswash Detergent

To ensure perfect beverage presentation, beverage glasses should be washed with hot water with a glasswash detergent specifically designed for beverage glasses and rinsed at 82C for a minimum of 10 seconds. Fortunately many glasswashing machines will automatically ensure the temperature is correct, so all you have to do is ensure a quality beverage glasswashing detergent is used!  Bracton Glasswash detergent is suitable for use with all makes and models of commercial glass washing machines and will assist in delivering beverages with perfect presentation.

Not all glass wash detergents are made equal. Make sure your glasswash is:
Brewery approved – The breweries want their beer to present well to your customers, Bracton gets a tick of approval from the top beer lovers!
Economical – At approximately 2.8¢ per rack to keep beverage glasses clean, you can afford to offer the cleanest glasses!
Free rinsing – Many detergents clean, though they often do not rinse off quickly, leaving a beer foam killing film. Bracton Glasswash rinses quickly and easily.
Non – Hazardous – OH & S is serious, Bracton Glasswash can help venues, by eliminating hazardous chemicals from front of house operations.

Available in two formulations, an economical concentrate (BLUE Label) or ready to use (GREEN Label) glasswashing machine ready.


BRACTON GLASSWASH R.T.U – Ready-To-Use formula –  3x5L carton  |  25L drum
BRACTON GLASSWASH – Concentrate formula   –  3x5L carton  |  25L drum

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Glasswash Detergent – Ready-To-Use (Green Label)

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Glasswash Detergent – Concentrate (Blue Label)

For both packaged and keg beers, no item of dispensing equipment is more important than the beer glass in the production of a perfect beer! All the good work in having an excellent cellar operation and regular beer line clean can be completely undone with poorly maintained glassware.
A dirty glass seriously impair beverage presentation, flavour, clarity and head of the beer. In particular, the thick creamy, last head on the beer that customers love can be spoiled by even the slightest residue of grease / food fats on the glass. It is imperative that an absolutely clean glass is used on every occasion. The easiest solution for perfect glasses is the regular and correct use of brewery approved Bracton glass care products.


Bracton PINK Glass Soaker/Sanitiser

Cloudy / Chalky looking glasses? Lipstick? Not a problem. Bracton Pink Soaking Powder removes the heaviest stains with ease. We recommend that beverage glasses have a deep clean every week to ensure perfect glasses. There are number of methods to perform deep clean on glasses, If you have a Bracton Commercial Glasswasher your in luck! We have built a soak cycle function into the machine, press Soak on your machine add 2/3 scoop of Bracton Pink and a couple of minutes later, new glasses!

Over time glasses develop a cloudy hard scale build-up on the glass interior, requiring the need for a deep clean. Brewery approved Bracton Pink Glass Soaker / Sanitiser simplifies the task of destaining all glassware, china, plastics and cutlery ensuring sparkling hygienic results every time!

MANUAL CLEANING – Soak glasses in trays in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes then simply run through your glasswasher.
AUTO CLEANING – Bracton Glasswashing Machines have an inbuilt soak function to eliminate this labourous task. Add half to two thirds of a scoop
(every 5 racks) of Bracton Pink to the machine wash bay of a Bracton MR, BR or BR2 Series glasswasher, set the machine to soak cycle and press start. NOTE: Polycarbonate Glass safe.


Bracton PINK – 5kg
Bracton PINK – 10kg

Product Data Sheet – Bracton Pink – Beer, Wine & Coffee cup soaker sanitiser