Washtec PW1 Pot Washer

Pot WasherPW1

The front loading PW1 washes pots, bins, trays and most bowls up to 80 litres and also has a rail for hanging whisks,
ladles and other utensils.

  • Upper and lower stainless steel arms with removable end caps for cleaning
  • Auto start on door closure
  • FastClean – rounded wash tank, double filtration, scrap and pump inlet filters
  • Flush front design
  • Large internal chamber
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Electromechanical controls
  • Watermark Certified
  • 2.6 litres per cycle water consumption
  • 1.5kW wash pump recirculates wash water at nominal 800 litres per minute
  • 5kW rinse and 2.5kW wash heating
  • Triple Cycle Selection – 2, 4 and 6 minute cycles
  • Powerful rinse booster elements ensure fast recovery between cycles
  • 750mm high wash chamber clearance
  • Counterbalanced insulated two piece door with safety stop switch
  • Stainless steel support grid for bowls etc.
  • Suits 500mm international racks
  • Hanging rail for whisks, ladles etc
  • 1 x 500mm Dish Rack
  • 1 x 500mm Cup Rack
  • 1 x 8 Division Cutlery Container
  • 1 x 435mm Cup Cover


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