Washroom Paper

EcoSoft™ Controlled-Use 100% Recycled Washroom Paper

EcoSoft Green Seal™ washroom paper provides a 100% recycled product that minimises wastage whilst controlling use.


  • Delivery through sturdy and attractive dispensing systems
  • 100% recycled enhancing your environmental policy
  • Manufactured using post-consumer waste
  • Available in toilet rolls and hand towels

Product Codes:
EcoSoft Roll Towel: GJ31670
EcoSoft Opticore Toilet Tissue 2ply: GJ61970



OptiServ Hybrid Hands Free Dispenser

OptiServ Hybrid Roll Towel dispenser provides the benefit of electronic touch-free dispensing, in addition to the convenience of hands-free mechanical dispensing.

  • Simply wave to activate the sensor or pull the exposed towel
  • Provides a pre-measured towel to discourage waste
  • Accommodates up to 300 metres of toweling with stub roll
  • Ideal for facilities where cross-contamination is a concern
  • Available in 5 colour choices

Product Codes:
Red: GJ87536
Green: GJ87546
Blue: GJ87556
White: GJ87556
Black: GJ87596
Dimensions: 41x30x24cm



OptiCore® Revolution® Dispenser

The Revolution 3-roll tissue dispenser is ideal for high-capacity controlled-use environments.

  • EcoSoft™ OptiCore tissue products minimise maintenance time and maximise cost savings
  • When one roll of tissue is finished, simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll
  • Locking cover to prevent pilferage and waste
  • Available in 5 colour choices

Product Codes:

Red: GJ80336
Green: GJ80346
Blue: GJ80356
White: GJ80366
Black: GJ80396
Dimensions: 37x18x38cm


OptiCore® Dubl-Serv® Dispenser

The Dubl-Serv 2-roll side by side tissue dispensers accommodate OptiCore EcoSoft™ tissue products.

  • Designed for controlled-use dispensing
  • Optimum saving in maintenance time and costs
  • Space saving dispenser with high-capacity
  • Locking cover prevents product pilferage and waste
  • Available in 5 colours

Product Codes:
Red: GJ80236
Green: GJ80246
Blue: GJ80256
White: GJ80266
Black: GJ80296
Dimensions: 29x24x21cm



Silhouette® Folded Towel Dispenser

The Silhouette folded towel dispenser provides a sleek yet elegant design suitable for multifold and folded towel configurations.

  • Easy installation and single hinged for easy reloading
  • One at-a-time dispensing
  • High capacity
  • Translucent style allows easy monitoring and maintenance

Product Code:
Silhouette Folded Towel Dispenser: GJ53500
Dimensions: 44x35x15cm