Dishwashers & Glasswashers

Ecowash Systems is proud to offer the complete Bracton range of equipment. Bracton commercial glass washers and dish washers are not only affordable but are made from the highest grade materials, outperforming any machine in their respective categories.

  • More Efficient – Using less water & electricity.

  • More Reliable – Less moving parts, more up time.

  • More Quality – Bracton is the only brand to use brass solenoids, stainless rinse tanks & robot welded.

The new Bracton Series of multifunctional glasswashers includes our unique 3-minute soak cycle, combined with high-speed top & bottom wash/rinse arms – alleviating the requirement to scrub or soak glasses manually. Significantly saving on labour costs, this process also leaves the machine free from bacteria.

Bracton Glasswashers incorporate top and bottom wash / rinse arms allowing the glasses to have a total clean! At the end of the week Bracton’s unique soak cycle eliminates hand scrubbing for good, providing superior results while saving your venue on labour.

Recent studies have illustrated the importance of hygiene for glassware in the beverage industry, indicating that beverage sales are increased 20 – 30% in a venue that has a high level of hygiene resulting in better head retention and better taste for beer and better carbonation of post mix beverages (not flat).