Industrial Cleaning Products

SoSafe Speciality Products manufacture a range of industry leading degreasers, could removers and graffiti removers, trusted by industry and councils around Australia and the globe. 
Graffiti Removal


As part of the Bracton Group of companies, Ecowash Solutions can provide solutions for graffiti removal and prevention.
A trusted brand for many years, SoSafe products are common practice for use with government, education and transport across Australia. 

Graffiti Removal

SoSafe is a leading graffiti remover manufacturer since 1985. SoSafe has developed a line of graffiti removers suitable for all surface types which eliminate the need to trade off between product effectiveness, safety and environmental features. SoSafe graffiti removal products are available in a variety of sizes for ease of use in rail, bus, municipalities, schools, park districts, retailers, professionals and home users. Approved for use on 3M reflective signage.

Mould Removal

SoSafe mold control products not only kill mold and mildew growth, but unlike chlorine and bleach based products, SoSafe mold control products kill the mold spores at the source, eliminating and preventing future mold growths for up to twelve months. SoSafe mold removers are non-hazardous and have no odor.