Not all Propylene Glycol is the same! By using Bracton Long Life Propylene Glycol at the correct ratio, your venue is taking preventative maintenance action to protect against: Corrosion within glycol storage tanks Microbial growth reducing or blocking flow rates (Jelly formation) Unscheduled down time _ i.e. system freezing Wear on equipment through increased loads on glycol pumps Increased electricity consumption Bracton USP Grade Long Life Glycol with FDA approved preservative and corrosion control has five times the life span of standard USP Grade Propylene glycol. Bractons��_��__ special formulation ensures your system remains hygienic and corrosion free for longer. Ideal for food Suitable for use in beverage cooling systems, food processing, laser systems, wineries, engineering and other heat transfer applications. Click here to read more information on efficient heat transfer.


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