BRACTON PINK Glass Soak/San.
Cloudy / Chalky looking glasses? Lipstick? Not a problem. Bracton Pink Soaking Powder removes the heaviest stains with ease. We recommend that beverage glasses have a deep clean every week to ensure perfect glasses. There are number of methods to perform deep clean on glasses, If you have a Bracton Commercial Glasswasher your in luck! We have built a soak cycle function into the machine, press Soak on your machine add 2/3 scoop of Bracton Pink and a couple of minutes later, new glasses! Over time glasses develop a cloudy hard scale build-up on the glass interior, requiring the need for a deep clean. Brewery approved Bracton Pink Glass Soaker / Sanitiser simplifies the task of destaining all glassware, china, plastics and cutlery ensuring sparkling hygienic results every time! MANUAL CLEANING _ Soak glasses in trays in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes then simply run through your glasswasher. MACHINE CLEANING _ Bracton Glasswashing Machines have an inbuilt soak function to eliminate this labourous task. Add half to two thirds of a scoop (every 5 racks) of Bracton Pink to the machine wash bay of a Bracton MR, BR or BR2 Series glasswasher, set the machine to soak cycle and press start. NOTE: Polycarbonate Glass safe.

BRACTON PINK Glass Soak/San.

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