• Describing the capabilities and applications of BractonSafe Spray Away is a challenge in itself. In short, Spray Away is a concentrated surface cleaner suitable for use in food areas.


    Spray Away is an economical, high performance concentrated cleaner which can be diluted into 3 solutions; heavy duty, general duty and windows strength. Each diluted solution has its own coloured label & sprayer.


    BractonSafe Spray Away is a unique product that replaces many hazardous chemicals in the work place. The unique ability of Spray Away to cut through the heaviest grease, oil and dirt whilst disinfecting a surface to hospital standards is unmatched. Where products usually require high pH levels (alkaline detergents) to emulsify oil and grease, Spray Away will do the job in half the time with less effort. This ability to remove dirt, grease and oil with out a high pH level is not only safe for the user but also less damaging on assets and equipment.


    BractonSafe Spray Away Characteristics:

    • Economical! _ 25Lt makes 150 to 275Lt of cleaning solution
    • Removes dirt, grease, grime, mould & mould spores
    • Removes bar fly breeding areas Can be sprayed or used in a mop & bucket
    • No Odour - Pleasant to use! (perfumed version available on request)
    • Non Hazardous & Non Toxic - Safe for you and patrons!
    • Biodegradable - Safe for the environment!
    • Replaces over 20 commonly used cleaners


    Spray Away has already been picked up by some of Australia's leading hospitality groups, delivering a significant reduction in the quantities of chemicals required to be stored in the workplace. Simply apply the diluted Spray Away solution to the surface with a brush or mop then rinse. Spray Away, Surface Active Technology provides a total clean limiting future regrowth, keeping the bar area free from putrid odours for longer. Formulated to rapidly remove surface contaminates such as dirt, grease, grime, mould, bathroom scum and other stains from surfaces. Spray Away is available in bulk concentrate (5Lt, 25lt) or refillable trigger packs