DEMA Nitro Dual Liquid Detergent Dispenser




The Nitro warewash dispenser line bridges the gap between compact basic dispensers and feature packed units too large for small kitchens. Nitro has the versatility to be used with or without a probe from the same unit and the flexibility to be used on a single tank, door or conveyor machine. Nitro delivers premium features in a compact size with reduced installation and maintenance requirements.


Nitro Features & Benefits



  • Compact design fits almost anywhere
  • Splash resistant ABS material for reliability and durability
  • ABS mounting plate for easy installation
  • Digital display


  • Proven Olympian pump platform
  • Quick change pump cover for tool-less tube changing
  • Entire pump easily removed by 1 screw for easy changing
  • Detergent pump rate 6 oz per minute, rinse & sanitizer 1.35 oz.
  • Separate pump module for sanitizer

Electronics And Programming Specifications And General Features

  • Pre-wired power supply to reduce installation time
  • 100-265 VAC 50/60 Hz with auto-switching power supply
  • Isolated trigger board for 24VAC to 480VAC
  • Password protected digital programming with keypad
  • Built-in rack counter
  • Multilingual display – English Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Programmable company information and service message
  • Can use optional magnetic field reader for faster and safer installation and inductive probe for hard water environments

DEMA Nitro Dual Liquid Detergent Dispenser