DEMA Olympian Probeless Dispenser

The Olympian is the compact single pump ideal for under-counter washers, glass washers, and small commercial machines and applications. The Olympian features a quick change pump cover, pre-wired power supply and mounting plate for quick installation.



  • Dual voltage (115/230 VAC) or high voltage only (230 VAC)
  • Available with concentration or probeless control and rinse / sanitizer
  • Concentration alarms at 20 seconds
  • Probeless initial charge and recharge adjustable from 1-60 seconds with 2 hour initial charge clock
  • Rinse / sanitizer has adjustable speed and delay
  • Quick change pump allows tubing replacement in seconds
  • Complete pump assembly removes without tools
  • Units programmed via plug in 2 button programmer

DEMA Olympian Probeless Dispenser


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