Dema Titan II Liquid/Liquid Warewash Unit

Titan II


DEMA’s TITAN II range of warewash dispensers was developed to reduce the number of service calls and create a more profitable installation at all types of warewash accounts. The unit can be set up in concentration, probeless or auto switchover mode depending on the installation requirements. If set up in auto switchover mode, the unit will automatically switch over to probeless mode if any of the following conditions are met:


  • Shorted probe
  • Open probe
  • Limed up probe
  • Dispenser can not maintain set point (does not feed or over feeds)


Once the condition is resolved, the unit will switch itself back to concentration mode. This feature greatly reduces the number of service calls and allows better use of service and sales groups’ time. The TITAN II is truly a first of its kind; a dispenser that will pay for itself.




Dema Titan II Liquid/Liquid Warewash Unit


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