• SoSafe Black is the latest edition to the SoSafe range. SoSafe Black has been specifically formulated to meet LVP-VOC standards, making it the only choice for Californian government departments searching for VOC exempt graffiti removers. SoSafe Black is for use by professionals with pressure washing equipment. Unlike SoSafe Blue, Black is not deactivated by water. The advantage of this is that it can be used immediately after pressure cleaning to give a deeper clean. For particularly difficult graffiti stains we recommend reading our product training manual prior to use.

    Utilizing the latest Surface Active Technology SoSafe Black is a real breakthrough invention delivering unparalleled performance eliminating the need for use of flammable or corrosive products for good. No more chemical burns.  No more itchy skin! Suitable for use on most porous, non-sensitive or other difficult surfaces to remove spray paint, marker, poster glue, shoe polish and crayon. So check the USE BY date for your current graffiti removal technology and make the switch to SoSafe Black, the better choice for employees, environment and performance.

    Ideal to remove graffiti from: Brick, concrete, blocks, sheet metal, train exteriors, mortar, grout, marble, granite, slate, stone, stucco, unpainted shutters, terracotta, terrazzo, pebblecrete, pavers and other difficult to remove graffiti stains. To remove graffiti from difficult surfaces quickly it is recommended to have high pressure available, it is still possible to achieve great results without high pressure washing, though a little more time maybe required.


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