• SoSafe Green is highly versatile, working in all temperatures & moisture levels. Initially developed by demand from USA bus and rail networks, SoSafe Green solves the problem of removing graffiti from plastics without damaging the surface. This product performance has shown amazing results in the removal of graffiti from: shutters, garage doors, colorbond, plexiglass, wood, plastic signs, playground equipment and other surfaces quickly and completely.

    SoSafe Green has also proven to be a superior billboard / poster remover; Simply spray, wait 15 seconds and peal. The adhesive releases, allowing the stickiness and the poster to be removed effortlessly. Another feature of  SoSafe Green is the removal of adheasive and glue easy with minimal fuss. SoSafe Green is formulated to work faster than SoSafe Yellow, making it ideal for use in colder areas where SoSafe Yellow works slowly and SoSafe Blue was too strong for the application on hand. SoSafe Green is popular with Californian government departments, as it contains no proposition 65 listed chemicals. SoSafe Green can be used with pressure washer or by hand.


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