SoSafe Professional has been specifically formulated for use by professionals and contractors with pressure cleaning equipment. Unlike SoSafe Blue and Yellow, SoSafe Professional is not deactivated by water. The advantage of this is that it can be used immediately after pressure cleaning to give a deeper clean.

For difficult graffiti stains (i.e. shadows), Red Professional should be used in conjunction with Shadow Chaser ��_��_��_ Ghost remover. This will eliminate all stains, graffiti, shadows and/or discoloration. It should be noted that if not fully rinsed with water, residual oils in SoSafe Red Professional may leave the surfaces with a ��_��_��_wet��_�� appearance for up to a couple of days after treatment; this illustrates how deep the chemical is penetrating the substrate.

SoSafe Red Professional when used in conjunction with Shadow Chaser is the most effective and efficient graffiti remover available on the market for contractors. NOTE: Some contractors prefer to leave Red Professional on light shadows overnight to fade out shadows when used on sandstone and other erodible surfaces. SoSafe Professional is ideal for use on concrete, blocks, stucco, stone and other porous surfaces. SoSafe has recently completed testing SoSafe Professional on synthetic flooring in trains and buses to remove marker pen stains with perfect results. Contact SoSafe for more information on compatibility of  SoSafe graffiti removal products for your specific application.


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