V-Screen Plus Deodorising Screen (6/pck)
The problem: urinal odours
• Cleaning urinals to reduce the odour is time consuming and cleaning
doesn’t stop the odour for long.
• Most urinal mats have a drop in performance well before 30 days.
Clients will experience...
• Reduced cleaning time.
• Exceptional fragrancing of the washroom.
• Reduction in the amount of urinal screens required per annum.
V-screen+ features
• The active central core in the V-Screen+ is not only designed to reduce
bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance.
• The core contains naturally occurring bacteria which produce enzymes
to degrade organic matter. This eliminates bad smells and breaks down
organic scale build up keeping the whole bathroom smelling fresh.
• V-Screen+ has been developed to last much longer than the standard
30 days. In fact it keeps working for upto 60 days!
• The unique bubble and bristle pattern of the V-Screen+ reduces
the amount of cleaning around the urinal by drastically reducing
splash-back. It is also designed to allow any water in the urinal to
drain away easily.
• Your customer benefits from less waste and better performance.

V-Screen Plus Deodorising Screen (6/pck)